La Somnambule


october 18 - 28, 2018

“I have come to ask you to tell me everything about the night”

v i e w p r o g r a m

m o n t r e a l t h e a t r e h u b r e v i e w

An interdisciplinary theatrical event where participants explore and reflect on the queerness of the night - a perambulating, immersive performance inspired by Djuna Barnes' Nightwood


Director | Anthony Kennedy

Writers | Rhiannon Collett & Joseph Shragge

Dramaturg | Kyle Croutch

Performers | Jillian Harris, Tyson Houseman, Robert Leveroos, Gabe Maharjan, Julia Milz, Alex Petrachuk, Meagan Schroeder & Gabriel Schultz

Technical Director | Vladimir Cara

Production manager & Stage manager | Trevor Barrette

Assistant stage manager | Kate Stockburger

Set designer | Robert Leveroos

Costume designer | Sophie El-Assaad

Lighting designer | Jon Cleveland

Sound designer | Devon Bate

Video designer | Julia Milz

Composition | Jeremy Dutcher

Graphic Design | Dan Buller

Logo Design | Heath Cairns

Box Office Manager | Roxane Loumède

A Very Special Thanks to:

Sofia Acityinbulgaria
Marci Babineau
Noah Bick
Karine Cusson
Alison Darcy
Stephanie Costa 
Raphael Grosz Harvey
Danielle Fagen
Jesse Lund
Steve Schon
Corrina Hodgson 
Andrew Scriver
Anthony Stony 
Alana La Rosa Dancoste
Elizabeth DeMedeiros
Corinne Roche
Keith Roche
Dave Surette
Regina Marcella Levy
Joseph Browne
Suzanne Cerreta
Alrene Antonio
Tim Rodrigues
Scott Drysdale
Taylor Cott
Anthony Suire 
Victoria Hall
Elfi Lemieux
Gabrielle Loumède
Katherine Harris
Jamie Ross 
Dépanneur Pif
Andrew Granville
Le Diplomate 
Dispatch Coffee
Scapegoat Carnivale 
National Theatre School
Centaur Theatre
Concordia University
McGill University
Dawson College
Troisième Espace Théâtre/Third Space Theatre 
Segal Centre for Performing Arts

The creation of this work was made possible thanks to the financial support of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.


We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, which last year invested $153 million to bring the arts to Canadians throughout the country.